“More than Words” – Extreme

Language is more than just words. There are a range of verbal and non-verbal forms of communication used in our society.

Receptive language is the understanding of what we hear. These are our comprehension skills which involve attention, listening and processing the message to gain information.

Expressive language is conveying what we want to say. Some of our expressive language skills include facial expressions, gestures, vocabulary, semantics (word/sentence meaning)

Pragmatic language skills are the way we use language in social contexts. Incorporating verbal and non-verbal communication, pragmatic skills are the essence of communication. Each culture has its own pragmatic use of language including idioms, jokes, slang, affect and tone of the voice. It’s apparent in some of our Aussie slang – “bloke”, “sheila”, “fair dinkum”, “maaaaate”.

Of course there is also the ‘faux pas’ which we try to avoid at all costs.

Language is definitely more than just words.