“I Got A Name” – Jim Croce

“Can you show Miss Chanelle how you can say her name?”

This is a moment I absolutely have to share, as my name can be quite difficult for children to pronounce, especially if they have difficulty with the ‘sh’ sound at the beginning of the word.

Typically, the ‘sh’ sound is produced around the three and a half to four year old mark.

In some cases, when children have difficulty forming their lips and tongue in a way to create the ‘sh’ sound, it can sometimes be elicited with an ‘s’ sound (which is the case for this little one, aged four).

So Master Four proudly (and loudly) pronounces my name perfectly. Not only did it give me this warm and fuzzy buzz, it showed me that he and his mother had been working diligently over the past couple of weeks to ensure he was able to use the ‘sh’ sound in words.

So how did I respond?

I high-fived him, said “AWESOME!”, and gave him and his mum the biggest smile.

He was proud as punch. 🙂