“Homeward bound” – Simon and Garfunkel

“What is a mobile speech pathology service and how does it work?” 

…is a question that I often receive from individuals who may be interested in accessing my services. In my FAQ on my website www.cbsps.com.au, the simple answer is “A mobile speech pathology service is the delivery of service by a qualified practising speech pathologist in an environment that best suits your needs (e.g. your home, your child’s early childhood centre, kindergarten centre, aged care facilities).”

It is often difficult for a parent/carer to get the child/adult who requires therapy out the door to arrive at a clinic on time. Whether it is to a health clinic for a general check-up, or a specialist appointment that is required, it is exhausting for parents/carers to not only ensure the individual is getting to the appointment, but to also manage the other family members who require attention. Sometimes it is the next generation of a family caring for a parent, who may have had a stroke or suffers dementia, while also caring for small children of their own.

It is very satisfying for me to know that by offering my mobile speech pathology service I am allowing my clients to receive the care required in the most comfortable environment for them.

When I deliver speech therapy in somebody’s home, respite care or child care I am helping all members of the affected family. By removing the pressure of a family having to leave their home, or to collect a loved one from respite care or a child care for therapy, allows parents/carers to be more at ease in their preferred environment, it then allows the individual who requires therapy to be more at ease as well.

Children are more willing to engage and learn from the therapist when they are in familiar surroundings. The home environment also allows siblings an opportunity to play in their own child friendly space which in turn allows the parent/carer to be interactive within the therapy session knowing their other children are playing safely near by.

Sometimes cultural differences can cause angst for families. Walking into a hospital building can be extremely intimidating and frightening, particularly for individuals who are from a different culture. These families often see hospitals as places only for the sick and dying and it is understandable that they are rather anxious about entering these facilities. This was highlighted for me during my time working with families in indigenous communities in rural Queensland. Most families were more at ease seeing a therapist outside of a hospital campus or clinical environment.

So, this is why I am pleased to be able to offer a mobile speech pathology service. I gain better outcomes for families when they are in their natural, relaxed environment. What more could you ask for?