“Grandpa Told Me So” – Kenny Chesney

As the end of semester is now upon us, I start to wonder about what families might do in the holidays.

Some children may enjoy a brief visit with their grandparents, other children may have more extensive stays.  Either way they will all benefit.

For children who are blessed to have their grandparents nearby, spending this time with them can be a practical answer to child care for parents and, in fact, very beneficial to the young ones.

I have so much respect for grandparents who take on this extra responsibility helping their own offspring by caring for their grandchildren in times of need. Grandparents have so many life experiences and so much to offer to this new generation. Children gain knowledge from grandparents without even realising they are learning new information.

Our grandparents tend to have the time to spend communicating with us.  They reinforce so many of our family values including morals and ethics and they share their extensive life experiences.

I think back to when I was blessed to have my grandparents in my life. They helped shape who I am today. I learned to play the piano (my father’s mother owned a piano) which taught me melody, rhythm, good posture, complex coordination of fine motor skills and much more. I am sure at that time Gran had no idea she was assisting me with all of these important skills. My mother’s mother ignited my passion for reading, film and television and encouraged my love of acting by exposing me (and giving me interesting trivia) to classic films such as The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music (my all time favourite film) and Heidi (Shirley Temple version).

Grandparents, with their amazing communication skills, can help shape how their grandchildren see the world. It is these communication skills that are so important with children’s development in their formative years.

To all children lucky enough to spend time with a grandparent these holidays, may you continue to learn as you have fun.

CB 🙂