“Feeling Good” – Michael Buble version

That feeling I receive when I am helping a client who has that ‘lightbulb’ moment, or when I see a parent’s/carer’s facial expression when goals have been achieved, is one of the reasons I love being a speech-language pathologist.

Seeing that five year old’s face, when he finally works out that he is doing more smooth talking than bumpy talking (stuttering) gives me great joy.

The 50 year old gentleman with aphasia, who normally struggles to get his message across, finally says what he is thinking, “I feel better today.” Our corresponding facial expressions give us that connection and feeling of achievement.

The four year old who has finally mastered saying “I like Batman” in conversation instead of “Me like Batman”. Looking over at Mum/Dad, who is beaming with pride, makes my heart swell.

The three and a half year old with autism who greets me in a way she never could before – “Hi Nelle. How are you?” I can see the hard work that her parents have done at home for this to occur.

That sense of achievement with my families makes me feel I have contributed to their health and wellbeing.

There’s no better feeling, as a speech-language pathologist.

What a feeling! 🙂