“Build Your Nest” – Earth, Wind and Fire

Did you know, that a child’s vocabulary growth is directly linked to his or her overall school achievement?

This is a fact The Hanen Centre discusses on their website regarding how important building vocabulary is to assist success in school.

As a Hanen certified speech pathologist, I wholeheartedly agree that building vocabulary is an important step in a child’s language development. I recently observed a 2 year old pointing and saying ‘more’ to each item I showed him. If we think about all the possible words we could say for each item, this child only displayed one word for all of the items. Would this impact on his schooling if he was limited to 1-2 words for so many different objects? Absolutely.

There are a few different ways you can help your child to learn new words.

I highly recommend that you access the Hanen website (link below) to read how they suggest you can help your child build his/her vocabulary for success in the future.


🙂 CB