Chanelle Buck Speech Pathology Services/ Mobile Speech Pathology Brisbane is a mobile speech pathology service that provides assessment/ consultation, diagnosis and intervention to children aged 0-7 years and the adult population aged 18+ years.

Services are provided to children and adults who are experiencing difficulty with:


  • Articulation – clarity of speech sounds
  • Fluency – the rhythm and flow of speech
  • Voice – quality, loudness and pitch of voice


  • Receptive language – understanding what we hear
  • Expressive language – what we say, body language
  • Social language – how we use body and facial expressions to interact with others


  • Feeding difficulties associated with a diagnosis/ syndrome/ condition
  • Fussy eaters

Inservice training is available to staff within Early Childhood Centres, Kindergartens and Aged Care Facilities. Chanelle Buck is a registered Medicare Provider, Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) contracted Speech Pathologist and is recognised by Private Health Care Funds.

Mobile speech pathology services are delivered within 25km of Brisbane CBD. See LOCATIONS page.

UPDATE: Chanelle is offering telehealth for clientele who are in self isolation due to the COVID-19 situation. Please contact Chanelle on 0475 892 192 if you would like telehealth services via videconferencing website Google Duo.